Partnership with Springpod to deliver Virtual Work Experiences for young people

Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board are working in partnership with Springpod to deliver virtual work and study experiences for young people aged 14 to 18.

These virtual work experiences in Humber and North Yorkshire include Care Support and Allied Health Professions work, giving young people crucial insight in to working within the health and care sector at a crucial time when they are thinking about their futures, by giving them access to leading experts and industry professionals in the region, and the chance to take part in a unique and immersive experience that gives all the information needed to take next steps in a healthcare role.

The experiences on offer can be completed flexibly around student’s studies, so there’s no need for them to take time away from their schoolwork.

Tina Jenkinson, Careers and Employability Manager at the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership said “It’s vital that we expand access to work related experiences across Humber and North Yorkshire to inspire and grow our next generation of health and care workforce, opportunities like this engage us to engage with underrepresented groups and to attract a more diverse range of people into health and care careers”.

Sam Matthews, Director of Programmes & Courses at Springpod said; “we are extremely proud to be working with the NHS across the country and particular in the often neglected parts of the country, and of the difference we are making to young people’s lives”

You can sign up to our programmes here:

Care Support Programme

Allied Health Profession Programme

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